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Parametric Landscape Definition

Building a covering based off the curvature analysis of an on site path defined by the natural topography.

Extracting data from the land to create geometry.  

Tutorial Tuesday!

Aww yes, back ago with a rhyming day of the week! So tutorial Tuesday, if you couldn’t draw from the name, is when I will be posting tutorials that will help anyone with everything from creative programs to technical drawing to your own personal projects.

Now I would definitely be open to help anyone out with the knowledge I have about the following programs:

-Adobe Photoshop

-Abode Illustrator

-Adobe InDesign (only know the basics but that’s more that nothing :P)

-Autodesk AutoCAD

-Autodesk Revit

-Autodesk 3ds Max


-Grasshopper (again, I only know enough to scrape by but, more than nothing)

So if you have a specific question on how to do something in any of these programs, please message me and I’ll wipe up a tutorial to best help you out! I will be doing some regardless hopefully soon so be looking for those starting next week? I think…

Anyway! Hope you like!

And remember, never stop creating!