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Parametric Landscape Definition

Building a covering based off the curvature analysis of an on site path defined by the natural topography.

Extracting data from the land to create geometry.  

(Source: architecturalthesis)

Tutorial Tuesday!

Aww yes, back ago with a rhyming day of the week! So tutorial Tuesday, if you couldn’t draw from the name, is when I will be posting tutorials that will help anyone with everything from creative programs to technical drawing to your own personal projects.

Now I would definitely be open to help anyone out with the knowledge I have about the following programs:

-Adobe Photoshop

-Abode Illustrator

-Adobe InDesign (only know the basics but that’s more that nothing :P)

-Autodesk AutoCAD

-Autodesk Revit

-Autodesk 3ds Max


-Grasshopper (again, I only know enough to scrape by but, more than nothing)

So if you have a specific question on how to do something in any of these programs, please message me and I’ll wipe up a tutorial to best help you out! I will be doing some regardless hopefully soon so be looking for those starting next week? I think…

Anyway! Hope you like!

And remember, never stop creating!